Flash in the Can

It’s good to get away once in a while. It’s even better to get to hang out with industry experts and visionaries talking about something you love. In this case it is Flash.

I love Flash.

That’s why I drove up to Toronto today to Flash in the Can. So far, I’m having an awesome time. I love swag-bags! Have I said that I’m a swag whore? Well I am. So if anyone has any cool free stuff to send me, please do. Especially if it has to do with the internet or computers. Hear that Shale? Got any cool Intel stuff?

2 thoughts on “Flash in the Can”

  1. What kind of swag-bag? I want to go to something where I get some swag… 🙂 At least it won’t be difficult for you to get back in the country, with the tight security and all…

  2. Lot’s of stuff. Trading cards, a cereal box design full of sryff. Calendar, program etc….

    Yeah, maybe not – but I brought my Passport because we are supposedly checking that now as folks come in….

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