Music Industry: Hell-bent on self destruction

Every time I turn around it seems like one of the music industry organizations is doing the darnedest to destroy what's left of the tenuous grasp they have on their fate. Add to this companies like Wal-Mart turning off their DRM servers leaving hordes of purchasers with little to no option other than finding some … Read more

Spending the week at Summerfest

I am just about up with my week at Summerfest and getting ready to come on on this Tuesday and I have to say this is the coolest music festival I have ever had the pleasure of attending. So far over 200 bands have played on the various stages in the festival park, and a … Read more

Metallica should stay off the intarwebs

Metallica's latest WTF moment comes from a Listening Party they hosted in London where they invited journalists to come and listen to a few rough tracks off their upcoming album. Journalism is apparently a new concept to them, because after at least one of these folks posted a review ( a mostly positive one to … Read more

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