Everyone loves a parade, and fireworks!

Fireworks from Mount RobTonight in honor of Zippo being in business for 75 years, there was a parade and fireworks show right through downtown Bradford. Both shows were very well down (and I’m biased), but just ask Donovan, he had a great time and I think Brent made a new friend tonight – I know Peggy did with the blinky pen thing she gave him. I guess that will learn Dylan for being a butt, he didn’t get to go.

Even with the impending doom of storm clouds and lightening looming and raining on Donovan’s parade, it was still a good time.

Interestingly enough too, Congressman Peterson made a statement on the floor of Congress today about Zippo’s 75th year in business, and its dedication to being made in the USA.

As far as my m4d sk1llz as a fireworks photographer tonight, I blew out my arse. I only captured two or three shots that are even usable, all the other are totally out of focus. Oh well, good thing i was doing it for the heck of it. It could have been due to the jag-offs up the hill thinkin’ it was 4:20. A’ holes – keep your shite to yourselves, or at least away from my kid. I was distracted by Donovan and the fact that there was some lightening over the hill,and it was all I could do to convince him we were fine, and that we could stay.

It was a good show though, and a nice end to a very hectic week.

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