The good ol’ days…

Over hanging tree near Punch Bowl Falls on Eagle Creek, OregonIt’s funny what goes through your mind at times isn’t it? How time always makes some things seem like they were just the bee’s knees. Take, for instance, February in Oregon. More specifically, a cold, rainy, dark, sunless day wading through thigh deep water (that is swiftly moving by the way) with run-off smacking you in the grape, all the while trying to find a picture in the madness of being trapped in a 30ft wide, 250ft tall box canyon. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Well, it is damn it. And I miss it. This picture isn’t reminiscent of that, this was a fairly mild day. In fact, I think I had shorts on. Maybe not though, it’s hard to say. What I do know is my fellow gluton was there, we gotr wet, tired, and captured a couple of good shots.

More precisely, what I miss is trudging about, camera gear in tow with me bro’ tryin’ to find the picture. That’s what this is all about.

Our misadventures are long and varied. Strange and even downright ignorant at times too. But, holy crap did we have fun. Trying to ascend a slip-grade to photograph an old, derelict log flume (which we found along with a Rattle Snake), driving up an access road in the dead of winter to find, I’m not even sure what. What we did find is hard compacted snow, and almost a long walk home. Even getting stuck in Idaho while I did my best to pass a kidney stone that looked more like a sand spur than a stone. This was actually one of the best trips we did too. Ha! Figure that one out…

The point is, I can rattle off 3 or 4 dozen outstanding places in Oregon and Washington to go and I guarantee you would get excellent pictures, and every single one of these places has a story and makes me smile and even laugh out loud. I think that’s why I like photography so much. It triggers memories and responses that I have experienced and can relate to, regardless of whether or not the image I am looking at is mine or not.

Besides. Even if the trip was a bust fropm a photographic stand point… I could always plant my arse down on a boulder and chunk stones in a river. Good times…. good times….

2 thoughts on “The good ol’ days…”

  1. This reminded me of how much I miss all the fun we had out there. There were a lot of fun times out there looking for the pics! I love this part of the world, and can’t wait to get out there checking it out again. 🙂

  2. yeah, me too. I am going through all of my images (negs actually) and scanning stuff that I don’t have on file yet…

    I can’t wait for warmer weather!

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