It’s a Quake 4 frag-a-ramathon!

this is what's left of my brother (and me) during a shoot-out in Quake4I love Quake. Always have. Ever since the days of fraggin’ the heck out of Kent, Tom, Litsa and me bro in Quake 2. Hell, I was playing Quake 3 Arena up until last year when Quake 4 came out.

I’m looking forward to the Multi player version of Quake Wars which I guess is coming out soon. In the meantime – I think I will partake of some more rocket launcher magic…

2 thoughts on “It’s a Quake 4 frag-a-ramathon!”

  1. It’s about time for another frag-a-thon too> Good capture, though it would be better if you were the one smeared into immortality here 😀

  2. No smearing for me thank you – my server – so I get to decide who lives and dies.

    Can’t wait to be tryin all the new maps I downloaded…

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