When did comic books become so cool?

Since when was it a sign of being cool that you collected and/or read comic books? Back in the day, when I collected and read comic books, it was not cool and you were a geek. Nevermind that for a while, there were dozens of high quality books being produced with top-notch art and excellent storylines.

Now, it seems every other movie being released is based on a comic or comic book character.

[*]Superman (old, I know)
[*]Batman(the good ones, bad ones and the new one which looks awesome)
[*]Spiderman (1,2, and 3 which will be out next year I think…)
[*]Howard the Duck (80’s with Lea Thompson)
[*]The Punisher (both the old crap-a-rific one, and the new good one)
[*]Judge Dredd (I didn’t break da law… I AM da LAW!!!)
[*]The Hulk
[*]Sin City
[*]Fantastic 4
[*]The Crow

I’m sure there are some that I am forgetting as well. Not to mention all of the animated movies and series that are based off of comic book characters. It is the new “greatest thing ever” to make shows and movies out of comic books. Too bad half of them suck! Like Daredevil! What a steaming pile that was! WTF was Bennifer thinking with that one? He said he [b]loved[/b] Daredevil and just [b]had[/b] to make the movie – too bad he screwed it up and made it one of the worst movies ever. As a matter of fact, I think he ties ol’ Dolph with the first Punisher movie. I digress….

I like comics, right now as a matter of fact I love Spiderman and am thoroughly entranced in the Amazing Spiderman novels written by Michael Straczynski and penciled by John Romita Jr. They are awesome! Anyway, I’m not complaining; well I was about Daredevil, I hope the trend continues and some more outstanding movies get made. I really want to go and see Sin City, it looks great. I’m looking forward to the next Spidey, and hopefully another X-Men…

3 thoughts on “When did comic books become so cool?”

  1. Yes, I was a geek back in the day as well! Back before I knew better, I would routinely blow $75-$100 a month on the damn things. My son will be in heaven when I finally trust him enough to pull out the boxes and tear open the plastic. Yes, I know, there goes the value but dammit your *supposed* to read them! Besides, I always bought two copies of the ones that I thought were going to be worth anything (Superman dying, first issue of the (then) new Spiderman). Anyway … I love the trend for comic movies as well. Besides, it is super cool to think that all the movies will one day be shot entirely on blue screen — now *that* is acting!!!

  2. Yeah, I don’t know if Donovan and/or Dylan will ever get their mits on my comics – I want to be able to get some scratch for them someday. I had a box when I lived in Portland, and for a while I was getting 15 to 25 titles a month. I quickly cut back though as I ran out of money.

    Have you seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow yet? It was shot almost entirely on a blue screen, and it was very well done – I really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen on a TV yet, so I’m not sure how it will hold up…

  3. Yeah, I got a copy of Sky Captain … thought it was really cool and loved the way it looked. The best was the “air” craft carrier. Very cool!!!

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