It’s fraggin’ time – old school!


So how many of you remember [url=]Quake III Arena[/url]? Wanna have some FSP frag time fun? I just installed that again the other day, and you know… I think that has got to be the best FSP I have ever played. Hands down.

[url=]Doom 3[/url] is cool, has some kick butt graphics, [url=]Halo[/url] is awesome; but Quake is the best damn game. Don’t argue. Don’t deny it. Accept your role in life as a Quake junkie, and you will be in a much happier place.

So if you’ve got a itch to scratch – look for me I’ll be playing. Server name: PennFrag.

Don’t forget the update either – you’ll need it. [url=][b]Point Release 1.32[/b][/url]

5 thoughts on “It’s fraggin’ time – old school!”

  1. Just burn a copy of it. It will let you do that easy enough, then you can have copy at work and home – that’s what I did. You should get Team Arena too – it’s in the Gold pack. They have the chain gun in it 🙂 Which I love…

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