Wallace & Gromit; ashes to ashes….

GromitOver this weekend, Aardman Studios lost their main warehouse which stored the past 30 years of artifacts, sets, characters and other memorabilia to a fire.

After Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit hit the charts at Number 1 in the US – they get slagged by this! What a crapper! I was going to take Donovan to see it this last weekend, but got hung up so I am taking him this weekend for sure; hey it’s the least I can do right? Enjoy a movie while giving them more money to help rebuild their studio. I know insurance covers it all – but all that artwork and history can never be replaced.

Angry kid - probably because of his hairI purchased a few years ago the Cracking Contraptions from some website whose name seems to be eluding my beffudeled brain right now. I’m sure it will come to me.

Any way, everyone who reads this should go and see this movie. It’s going to  be awesome. Everything I have ever seen by Aardman is top notch and worth seeing – especially if it involves Wallace & Gromit!

Atom Films!!!!  See I knew I would remember! Which also reminded me of Angry kid. Holy freakin’ feholies is this kid messed up! Funny as hell though. Check out the site and watch the films – you’ll never laugh so hard and be glad as hell that he isn’t the fruit of your loins! There is a DVD out now as well, with 25 of the shorts on it with some cool bonus features – most likely going to be on my Christmas list this year…

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