That’s Mr. Jarhead to you , pal!

Welcome to the SuckSo, I just got home from the movies – bug fat surprise – but anyway, I went and saw Serenity. I thought that was an excellent movie. Very interesting in fact, even though I only saw a few snippets of the series. it actually makes me want to go back and watch the episodes. So I probably will.

You’ll never guess what trailer I saw… go ahead… that’s right! How’d you guess? Yup. Jarhead. Ahhh… this movie really takes me back. back to the good ol’ days of boot camp. Back to sittin in a freakin connix box in the middle of the Saudi Arabian… oh wait, that last part was my brother. Oopsss… hehehe 🙂

Okay. I ran across this trailer yesterday, and it cracked me up. It captured exactly what I remember about being in the Corps, and then some. Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper (oddly enough, both starred in October Sky) and Jamie Foxx get this thick headed, high-n-tight sportin’ movie rollin. It really looks like a good one. I laughed my arse off watching the trailer – both times. So I am definitely going to see this movie. Point in fact, they should make more movies about the Corps.

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  1. Arggg! I hit the wrong key bfore I finished. I’m lookin forward to this movie too, it looks to be real entertaining.

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