Dear Lord, I have found what I was searching for….

Optimus KeyboardBe still my beating heart. This keyboard is a thing of sheer beauty. Utilizing OLED lights to create a customized display of what each key is currently programmed and/or mapped to – the Optimus Keyboard destroys the traditional keyboard and ushers in a new era of pure geek-dom!

I’m still geeking out about it – I actually have goose bumps! I’m not kidding! I ran across this while looking at the new Logitech G15 and saw something on digg about it.

This thing is designed to the hilt,wrapped in aluminum and shrouded in high design – it hearkens to be the first "open source" keyboard. WTF? I know, weird. But they plan on releasing an SDK for it so folks can develop apps and plug ins to map the keyboard to however you like. And it should be available for all practical OSs (think Linux, MAC and Windows). Art Lebedev Studio, who designed the thing – has done some amazing things with common objects, as well as a host of excellent designs across the spectrum – check them out while you’re at it.

There are some great shots here in the article as well a ton more detail. Hopefully coming out in the next year at about $200 – $300 bucks. Maybe on my 2006 Christmas list…

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