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R2-D2 Mailbox - USPSjedi

I’m not sure what this is all about, but this is one cool mailbox. This R2-D2 Mailbox is in San Francisco some place, I’m not exactly sure where though, it puzzles me as to the relationship of the post office and Star Wars, most likely; a series of limited edition stamps set. This would fit right in with the master of marketing and merchandising that is George Lucas.

Man, he could go nuts with the stamp thing! Ships, Characters, planets, weapons, etc… Naturally he would release them slowly, and individually, then as a small set, then remastered art sold individually, then as a remastered set, then as a complete set.

Check on the 28th, yup 3days; to find out more or sign-up for an update on

I am officially intrigued…

4 thoughts on “USPS Jedi Master”

  1. I did my part. Don’t know if it mattered. I got a lot done though. 🙂 Might have to do that more often, though the sun is starting to come out here more often, so I won’t be on this thing anyway…

  2. They have one of these up at the zoo … I thought it was pretty cool and it definitely gets the buzz going — I wonder how many more stamps it sells though?

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