Goodnight and good luck

Shutdown Day

Don’t forget, in less than an hour Shutdown Day begins. Do your part to be sans computer for 24 hours. Are you man enough?

See you on Sunday….

3 thoughts on “Goodnight and good luck”

  1. Which computer should I shut down? My laptop, my PVR, my gaming box, my wife’s computer or my file server?

    I burn so much energy it makes the penguins sweat! mwuahahahahahahah!

  2. That’s mighty east coast of ya buddy! I thought all you left coasters we tree huggin granola crunchers.

    I shut down both my desktop and file server. I had to boot my new Mac up for 10 minutes though, just to make sure it worked…

    Gotta love eBay!

  3. I did my part. Don’t know if it mattered. I got a lot done though. 🙂 Might have to do that more often, though the sun is starting to come out here more often, so I won’t be on this thing anyway… And I hug no trees…

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