Dude, you’re gettin’ a Mac!

G3 iBook "icebook"Sans the Mary Jane.

Actually I already have it, so I guess it should be "Dude, I got a Mac!", but then it wouldn’t be an accurate play on the old Dell ads would it? Any way….

It’s a PowerPC G3 iBook I bought off eBay for around $300, and it’s pretty swank. I have OS X on it, and it does the trick for what I bought it for. Goofing around on the web and such. Besides it gives me something else to play right? Because that’s just what I needed. Another computer. But it’s a laptop! But it’s a Mac laptop! So it’s an ultra hip, super swank, exclusive club lappy, and now I am in with the A listers! You can’t really blame me – the Apple on the lid lights up, how cool is that!?

w00t! w00t!

After all the goodies and such, it’s about $400 +/-, so I will be selling more stuff on eBay to complete the circle. So please make sure to check me out and buy my stuff (as soon as I start listing things, that is). Okay? It’s good stuff, and I know you will like it – and be far better off for purchasing it. whatever "it" is.

Hooray for me!

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