Now you can shave those pesky….

Now you can shave every where....Every now and again, something comes along that is funny as hell, clever, and well… spot on. The Philips Body Groom is a pretty slick little shaver, probably better than my current beard trimmer too – but if you look at their site; the beard, is not the fuzz they are talkin about turning into a Topiary.

The site itself is a riot. An awesome use of Flash Video, and it’s not horribly top heavy. I would notice, since my internet connection at home (Stinking Atlantic Broadband Cable) is not all that and a bag of chips. There are several levels, and it even has a bit of timed interactivity if you sit and stare at Mr. Clean Cut here. The site does require Flash 8, but if you don’t have it – you should. So upgrade!

I have no idea who did this site, but they knocked one out. They even had the good Flash sense to use Geoff Stearns Flash Object embed method as to avoid the Eolas crap that Microsoft so happily dumped in our laps. Jerks. So A for that, it’s the right way to do it. They would have gotten an A+ if they were on the newest version of SWFObject….

Any way, check out the site, and demo the shaver online. But please, I don’t want to know why you bought it…. mmmmkaaayyy?

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  1. Actually I take that back, it appears legit. I initially went to the British version and it was a different site. The US English version is our man in the robe. Just further proof that the Brits are stuffy 🙂

    Great stuff!

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