Why did I have kids again?

Satellite view of the Aral SeaSo you think you have it bad eh? Try living here, around the Aral Sea.  I was just watching something on the Discovery Channel (most likely) about how the Russian Government in its hay-day really screwed this up. Check the Wiki site, it’s really something.

I must say though, I have seen some of the most amazing photographs of old ships I have ever seen taken from this area. I have run across some on Flickr and other places as well.

The US isn’t any better though. I’m not sure how many folks have even heard of this place, but the Salton Sea is one of our brain-child FUBARs. This is actually California’s largest lake at 376 square miles. It used to be a big spot for water recreation until the farm irrigation runoff started taking a toll on the quality of the water. You know, good stuff like DDT.

It’s all really depressing though. It just seems like it is never going to end, and we will always find new and creative ways to kill the planet. Good thing the ones right next store support life huh? There’s always the moon right? In theory you can mine Oxygen from moon rock, so as long as there is ice on one end or the other – it’s all good.

Oh yeah, and this is why I had kids.

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