Never stick your face in a vacuum…

face sucker....No matter whom tells you it’s a good idea.

I was watching Mythbusters yesterday with the boys, and they were trying to build a jet out of a vacuum. hehe, didn’t really work, but it was sorta funny to watch em’ try. Anyway. So I snapped this shot from a flash back from when Adam put his face up a vacuum motor and his cheek got sucked in. As you can see.

I’m not sure what made him think it was a good idea, I mean, come on Adam! Just look at Jamie’s face in the background – he knew you were gonna’ get thumped.

Here’s a link to the M5 Industries site as well.

2 thoughts on “Never stick your face in a vacuum…”

  1. Yeah, I saw this episode, and the one here with the flashback to it. Damn that was funny! I was thinking he wasn’t really going to stick his face in a vacuum motor, but little did I know! 😉

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