Moblin 2 crawls along on VMware

moblinThe other day when I installed Moblin back onto my Macbook with VMware, I just sort of went the route of set it, and forget it. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing, and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention either. I noticed the interface had changed, and like it, but that was about the extent of it.

Now I hear about it being slow, and I just went back to play and see WTF. Sure enough too, the UI was slow, and not very responsive. The rollover effects on the menu bar icons take about 2.5 seconds to go from down to over states, and the load time of the OS is considerably slower than before.

First thing I did was throw more RAM at it, 1gb in fact. No diff. So then I added the second virtual process and kicked the RAM to 1.3gb. Still nothing. I tired installing the VMware Tools, but they don’t see to go, and I haven’t gotten any further than that. There are visual issue too. The menu bar doesn’t span the width of the screen, so icons overlap – even if I up the resolution.

It’s still in beta, so I’m not really hashing on it – but it is buggy and the latest updates to the UI seem to have affected the function of it. At least on a VM, and that may be an issue all unto itself. Still, I have to hesitate to put it on my netbook for fear of these issues being present there as well.

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