Happy Birthday – iPhone style!

iphone-hooraySo the other day was my birthday, and after dinner, cards, 3 boxes and a lot of packing popcorn I finally got the “You’re shittin’ me” moment when I torn into the last bit of wrapping and there I staring face to face with an iPhone box. With an iPhone in it.

Seriously, this is one of the best things I have evr received for a birthday gift. One of the other being a Swiss Army belt watch that my wife bought me 10 years ago that has been on my belt daily ever since. It also still keeps perfect time.

Now that I have my LLC, and should be very close to being a full-fledged Apple Developer, I can finally get my App submitted and in the App Store to try and start making some money, and hopefully turn this app development thing into some kind of a business. I would like to get into some Mac development too. I’m working on about 2.5 apps right now, and once I get the first into the submission process I will talk a bit more about the process of building my first app more in-depth. What’s super cool now though is that I can test my own stuff on the iPhone too, and not have to sponge off my techie friends (who I will still likely do) to give it some beta testing.

I have to say that I am in love with my new phone. the only bit I am not so sure on right now is the camera, the 2 mp camera and the quality is kinda lame, but I didn’t want it for its stellar photographic abilities. Okay, off to play more with the phone!

Thank you to all of the conspirators again on the gang-gift, I had no idea and I am still a little flabbergasted – you all rock!

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