Moblin 2 crawls along on VMware

The other day when I installed Moblin back onto my Macbook with VMware, I just sort of went the route of set it, and forget it. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing, and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention either. I noticed the interface had changed, and like it, but that was … Read more

Run Moblin 2 Alpha on a MacBook Pro with VMware

Just tonight I ran across the moblin project that the good folks over at Intel are working on and it sounds too good to be true. Boot times are insanely fast – like 5 seconds, and the download is impossibly small at 264mb. Well from what I have seen so far, this thing is pretty … Read more

Building a custom fit computer

My wife and I have been remodeling her office for the past several weeks and since we finally got the new floor and cabinets in, I decided to rebuild her computer into a cabinet fit unit rather than the Aspire box case that I originally bought for it. It's been an okay machine other than … Read more

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