Installing Moblin 2 on your MacBook Pro with VMware

I originally installed Moblin 2 a while ago and was really impressed with how lightweight it was, how quickly it installed, and how absurdly fast it would boot. Well I fielded a couple of questions since then about a bit more detail, so I decided to put this slideshow together. Hosted from my Flickr account, the slideshow has titles, descriptions and is in chronological order. Well I guess that last bit is sort of a ‘duh!’, since it would be kinda stupid to run it backwards.

Moblin 2 is now sporting a kickin’ new interface, and just as fast if not faster load times than before – at least it seems that way. I am very hopeful for this latest build too. I tried to get it running on my Acer Aspire One and had a lot of trouble getting apps installed, and my account wasn’t even in the sudoers group – so I had to switch back to Ubuntu. Which is fine, but I like the idea of Moblin for my netbook more. It’s lighter, faster and designed for that platform. As long as I can get Flash and couple other things running on it – I’m all over it like a fat kid on a doughnut.

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5 thoughts on “Installing Moblin 2 on your MacBook Pro with VMware”

  1. Do you still have the vmware file? I get it loaded but on reboot it just hangs at the MOBLIN load screen.

  2. Joel,

    I don’t have it anymore. I just rebuilt my Mac when I got Snow Leopard – but I can put it back on over the long weekend coming as see what I get.

  3. Hi restoced,

    I have the same problem as Joel Saltzman. I desperately need moblin for vmware. Please update me whenever you build the image file.

    Thanks alot in advance.

  4. Hey guys, I reinstalled it the other night and it doesn’t load – I will goof around with the settings and see if I can get it to run with the latest update I have to vmware Fusion. Maybe by Sunday afternoon…..

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