Excellent use of the Flickr photstream grid by norby.

Norby photostream on FlickrA few days ago I was wandering through Flickr and I ran across the image on the right, where norby used the grid layout to form complete images within the photostream. This is great.

Not only are the photographs quite nice, but when added up into a grid utilizing the functionality of the site to aide in the presentation of the images as a whole – it really hits the mark. This is the kind of stuff I really enjoy when I find it. Creative uses of the whole space, including the more mechanical aspects of how things are displayed.

The idea of breaking images up into a grid, or collectively grouping images in a grid to form a visual whole isn’t a new one. I have done with some success in the past, and others like Stu Levy (an absolutely phenomenal photographer by the way) have done with great success. This I find interesting simply because the delivery system is the grid, which is being built into the images, to become transparent.

Where most folks (including myself) would have normally viewed their photostream as a simple vehicle, or even a constraint of the system (Flickr) in how our images are conveyed, norby found visual mechanics that could be built to work with the system, not just being displayed by it. This is the sort of thing that really makes the web worth while for me, and why I so intensely enjoy what I do.

The rest of his photostream is worth a look or two as well.

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