Man! I love those dudes at Google!


Okay, so I think I have Google envy – but they come up with some of the coolest stuff.

First, check out the [url=]Google downloads…[/url]

Then check out [url=]Google labs…[/url]

So the [url=]Web Accelerator[/url] is pretty cool, and naturally, it works. I can definitely see a difference in how fast pages load on my machine – and it evens works in pokey-ol’ I.E…. I like the time saved display as well, it’s a geek thing I know, but I’m already up to 1.2 minutes and I’ve had it installed for a day.

Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen them do yet is the [url=]Google Suggest[/url]. If you haven’t checked it out yet do. Basically it automatically fills in your text based on what you are typing into the search field based on it’s database of search results – and you know what? It’s pretty freakin’ smart about it! It’s a big fat JavaScript function – Massive, I mean it’s the biggest splotch of JavaScript code I have ever seen – and I bow to them for writing it – cus’ there ain’t no way I would ever want to.

Here’s the bottom line:
[b]If you’re not using Firefox and Google all the time now, you’re just not cool.[/b]

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