Ever want to eat Darth Vader?

Well, apparently, he tastes like a peanut M&M….


This is pretty funny. So, I guess M&M is going to air a commercial with the feisty peanut and Darth himself in a new ad for Star Wars M&Ms I guess… Can’t figure what else the connection would be – but he it’s a good campaign none-the-less.

You can get the poster [url=http://shop.starwars.com/catalog/product.xml?product_sku=SWMMDVP]here[/url], that’s where I found it.

4 thoughts on “Ever want to eat Darth Vader?”

  1. I have seen the ad already, it is for new Dark chocolate M&M’s. =) Hence the dark lord.

  2. I finally saw the commercial the other night, funny. I always knew the sassy Red M&M would get some come-upance sooner or later….

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