I will not succumb to the Dark Side!

[color=#CC0000][url=http://www.sithsense.com]Darth Vader will beat you[/url][/color]

Okay, so I’m not sure how the heck they do this, but it is very cool; and actually quite creepy at the same time. Burger King has awesome Advertising Agency working for them. Sithsense.com is the second site developed for Burger King that really has absolutely nothing to do with them. The first, [url=http://www.subservientchicken.com] the subservient chicken,[/url] was hilarious. Why the heck you would want to control a dude in a chicken suit, I don’t know, but it was funny.

Jumping on the Star Wars band wagon like this seems to be the latest fad, but so far, this site is the best I have seen of all of the folks who yet. The next closest is the M&Ms commercial, but I think they only did 1 commercial, and then left it at that – not too smart. They could have gone nuts with it and made it really funny. They did do a [url=http://us.mms.com/us/mpire/]goony little subsite[/url] though…

If Burger King continues with this sort of ad campaign, they are going to rank right up there with Outpost.com with their original commercials.

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