Comment Spammers suck.

I guess this is sorta the price of Internet fame. The curse of getting more traffic to your site is the comment spammer idiots who have nothing better to do than attempt to inflate traffic to their complete shite websites. This really pisses me off actually.

I don’t, nor do any of my readers give a flying rats arse about your lousy angelfire sites, or your Internet poker site so crappy that it doesn’t show up in any search engines. Maybe you should try and get traffic the good old fashioned way? You know by building a quality site that people will go to and get other sites to recommend and praise? Just because you have Frontpage and found some software to download that accepts money to a Paypal account doesn’t mean you have a website.

A page on the Internet does not a website make.

Rest assured losers, currently under development are ways to make your spamming lives more difficult, so if you really want to spam, you will have to jump through a couple of hoops to do it. And when that fails, because it will to some extent, the almighty delete button next to your comments will do the trick.

Oh yeah, I know all your stinkin’ IPs too. Yeah that means you folks in California, New York and Florida too.

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  1. They just gave a spammer like 7 years. They should just charge them per email sent out daily. ISP’s would love the extra money they could get.

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