OMG! He’s 4!!!!


So Now Donovan is a screaming 4 year old with the attitude to match! Well, I guess his birthday party was a rousing success (you would think I would know, but alas I was holed up in the Hospital… again)he got tons of toys and we even rented one of those inflatable bouncy rooms for the weekend, which I know was a success.

Many thanks go out to the fam for the contributions to the gifts- as [url=]his bike[/url] and his new [url=]Fire Jeep[/url] are a [b]HUGE[/b] hit and we may have finally found his currency. He almost didn’t get his bike, the guy who runs the [url=]local bike shop[/url] was sick that week, and was finally in the shop on Friday – so we just made it.

I posted a couple of pics in the [url=]photo section[/url] as well – but not too much as of yet…

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