How not to design a website

This is a one-step tutorial.

This website is by far, hands down, the worst site I have seen in months for a photographer – or anyone else for that matter. Nothing shows on the home page except a Grey Poupon Yellow screen with some text, once you click on a link you have to assume something is happening and alas it is. Hey knucklehead! Ever heard of Flash Development? Then surely you must know what a progress bar is? Ahh… no. This is the best use of full-browser Flash I have ever seen…. Yeah… and here come the pink monkies….

This is why you still read headlines – "Flash – 99% bad". There are so many how-to, and Dummies for Dummies books available that anyone tosser with a credit card can attempt to pass themselves off as a professional in the intarweb world of fun. It’s like a bar full of drunken carnies, and they all seem to look just like Fortune 500 CEOs.

George Slade sums it up quite nicely with his review of the book, Boulevard:

"Boulevard is a triumph of diffidence, a tour de force of the blase, a proclamation that ungainly pictures of unspectacular landscapes can be made in nearly any city one chooses"

At least he’s consistent right? The website is a direct reflection of his latest book.

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  1. Good god this has got to be the crappiest site I have ever seen. I didn’t even wait around to see what he has there… and definitely not as fun as a bunch of drunken carnies either…

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