.crit ready for submissions

I finally have my critique site up, and ready for submissions. .crit is well on its way out of beta. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch – but it’s up and running.

For a bit of background on what the site is and what it’s all about, .crit is a web site critique site for folks who design and develop sites for any reason and want honest, no holds barred, I’m not your Mother feedback on the site design, functionality, UI, balance, etc…. Why? Simple. How many times have you made something and received useless feedback base don only someones opinion? I don’t like it. It sucks. I’m an idiot and I have the vocabulary of a dim-witted field mouse. You know what I mean. Opinions do have their place and can be valuable, but generally if you are in search of a response, something construction is more desirable than just a blank stare and a "duhhhh" response. Enter .crit. The tool to combat intarweb-tards everywhere.

I am currently working on the sample critique, and should have that done fairly soon. I am working hard and staying up way too late – so, I guess I really don’t have an excuse. Right? So saunter on over to dotcrit.com, and check it out.

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