What’s so bad about being out of touch?

big arse cell phoneI just went to Olean and watched Resident Evil: Extinction with a couple friends and right after the movie half of the theater immediately turned on their cell phones, half while in the theater still the other half while walking out. Granted they were all kids or colleges students(still kids in most cases), but.. uh, yeah. You’re not that important that you can’t go 3 hours without checking your cell for that ever-so-important call or text. I’ve news for ya; you’re not that important so get over yourself.

People wear these things like it’s some kind of badge of honor or slap this and 8 other things to their utility belt and jangle around like some sort of welfare based Batman character. I’m going to gloss over the whole utility belt thing – everyone knows it’s a train wreck. I take my cell phone, only because if I don’t I feel guilty about having the damn thing, paying for it and then leaving it at home. No one ever calls me on it, except the occasional call from my wife, or my transplant coordinator.

It’s just ridiculous. And why does a high school kid need a flipping cell phone anyway? Oh yeah. They don’t. They’re expensive, fragile and here the reception is pretty spotty. Why would I want to encourage my kids to spend useless money on a cell? Or allow them to waste my money texting goony messages back and forth to their friends? Sorry boys, if you guys want to get them when you get older – get a job.

I have no problem being out of touch for a while; in fact I prefer it at times. I’m no one’s Butler, so I don’t need no electronic leash.

Anymore it just seems like the more technology we aquire, the more we becomed enslaved or addicted to technological gadgetry and the instant gratification it provides. Even if the gratification is just in the form of a poorly constructed text message that sounds more like grunts than words if read aloud. People can’t stay off their computers for more than a day, or turn of their phones or pagers.


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