Scott Berkun: The Myths of Innovation

I recently finished Scott Berkun’s latest book, The Myths of Innovation, which is a wonderful read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to further their intellectual arsenal to create better work, or to manage a team to gain more creativity in development.

Written with a clear and concise voice, Scott has anchored the book with historical and modern perspectives outlining the good the bad and the ugly about innovation. There is a plethora of information and writing available about various aspects of the Development Process, and The Myths of Innovation is on the top of that reading list. Unlike other publications, the pace and receipt of information was deliberate, unexpected and very comprehensible. It is a shining example of how to write with the details in hand, while also keeping the dust in the desert. It is a fun and easy read.

This is one of many offerings I have read which deal with development in some sort or another, it is great food for thought and has left me thinking about how I do things on a daily basis and how I could change my evil ways to become a better designer and developer along the way. I recently finished Practices of an Agile Developer, and this was an excellent follow-up to that book. Practices of an Agile Developer deals more with the technical aspects of software and application development where The Myths of Innovation deals a lot with the ethereal aspects of innovation within development; how and why it fails, and what steps can be taken to help it succeed.

I crave books like this because they really get mind working and ideas spinning about different projects and ways that I can do things differently; if not better. They help to remind me that I need to evolve and grow as a Designer and Developer in order to be able to achieve my goals. Being stationary within a realm isn’t really where I want to be; I’m not retired yet, so if I want to challenge myself I have to grow and expand my base of experience to draw from. Myths is an excellent catalyst to help me do just that.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Go buy it.

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