Top 10 reasons why digg will go the way of the Dodo

2007 Steaming Pile Award - digg.comThe 2007 Steaming Pile Award

With more than 9,000 stories featuring the words Top 10 hitting the digg front page since 2005, this seems to be the perfect venue to illustrate the ludicrous way in which information is promoted to be popular by the digg troglodytes.

  1. Not everything can be a killer of something else; in fact most everything is not.
  2. Blogs are not reliable news sources, so quit linking to a blog when the actual story is available.
  3. Inserting Top 10 in the title doesn’t make it a viable list
  4. A new release of software from 2.5.67 to 2.5.68 is not news
  5. Spelling & grammar do count. At least pretend to be able to write properly so I don’t have to read your brain-barf 6 times to figure it out.
  6. Linux is not the best/worst Operating System on the planet
  7. MAC OS is not the best/worst OS on the planet
  8. Windows is not the worst/best OS on the planet
  9. Duplicate articles suck; the search button is your friend
  10. Duplicate articles suck, digg; fix your damn search

That’s my 2 cents. And here’s a bit more. There are often times about 1 or 2 interesting articles on digg per day, although more often than not it’s the sophomoric banter that makes them entertaining. This is also the reason that I will be blocking that site explicitly with my firewall when my kids get a bit older.

Reddit and Slashdot will continue to serve as a primary source of information; while I get my news from all over the place. The content and comments on these sites are more insightful, useful, and far less childish(as a general rule) than digg. It’s really unfortunate too, because it wasn’t always like this – and I long for it to regress to the way it was when it started. Good.

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