Total befuddlement…

I’m not sure whether I should jump for joy or curl up in ball and cry! Adobe is going to aquire Macromedia!? What?! I repeat… WHAT!?

So, is this the end of the Dynamic Duo? Will Batman and Robin escape thier firey doom? Oh wrong show. Nonetheless, this is sorta weird. Macromedia is the giant in the web industry, and dare I say, Adobe GoLive – is a big fat suck-wagon compared to Dreamweaver. Turd ball – a really nasty one too. I only hope that the fine folks at Adobe have enough sense to not dork-up an excellent product and try to replace it with GoLive.

Maybe this will be a good thing – but I harken back to when Symantec bought out Central Point – not much good came of that. Nortons product are still extensively over engineered, complicated and buggy as hell.

[url=befuddlement][b]Here’s the whole article.[/b][/url]

May God have mercy on us all.

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