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I know you’re looking at this picture and going “what in the name of Sam Hill is that thing?” Well, I would say it is probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a really long time, and considering I first ran across it 2 years ago – that’s saying quite a bit.

This device will take your Digital SLR and turn it into a 4×5-esque device allowing movements just like large format studio and field cameras. It’s smaller, more versatile and easier to lug around than the 4×5 counter parts, and in most cases – cheaper. You can get into one of these systems for a paltry $7,000 or so: depending on camera selection, lens assortment, etc… Okay, so scratch the cheaper bit, but this is designed to work with digital cameras, and if you want to do [b]that[/b] with your 4×5; be prepared to shell out some major scratch.

Check out [url=]this review from Shutterbug[/url], and if you really want to buy 1, talk to the fine folks at [url=]Calumet[/url].

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  1. Yeah, and just think – that cost may not include the camera, just the other bits….

    :: muwahahahaha ::

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