There’s a little Ninja in my gmail!

Gmail Ninja ThemeSweet!

I get home yesterday to discover that Google has decided to emblazon gmail with themes, and I am happy as a Ninja in a Samurai stronghold. You now have 32 different themes to style your gmail interface to be whatever delights your heart that day. One for every day of the month in fact – w00t!

Actually, this is pretty cool. I'm surprised that it took this long for them to finally whip this out. You've been able to do the same thing with lots of other mail clients, as well their iGoogle home page – so why not gmail? There have been tons of folks creating customized themes for gmail for those who use Firefox (not recently though), hell I even did a post on it a while back.

At least now I know my email is secure, I have like 4 little Ninjas guarding it, and everyone knows the power of the Ninja! Just ask Sho Kosugi – and he'll show you just what an 80's Ninja movie star can do. Or if you like it local, give Stephen K. Hayes a shout, either way it's all about the Ninja.

Let the Shurikens fly!

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