Amazon’s OLPC Program – Just in time to get your Holiday Geek-on Give One. Get One.

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has launched their OLPC Program today enabling the world to get an XO if they Give One.These are actually pretty sweet little lappys if you are in the mood to shell out $400 bucks to get your $200 laptop. I've seen a couple in action, and they seem to work pretty well, and they are small and very portable.

For the longest time I thought getting one of these would be cool, but with the influx of inexpensive 8" and 9" laptops lately, it hardly makes sense if you take away the donating factor. But since the XO is being switched to accommodate Windows XP, I would rather wait, or just get something else and donate money to funds directly. You can even get a little Acer Aspire One at Walmart, Staples and of course Amazon for as little as $395.00, not to mention all of the other little guys out the from ASUS and Sony. Although the Sony lappys are insanely expensive.

I still think about getting an OLPC see though whenever I see ads for programs and articles for it. It would be a fun little gadget to have, just because of what it is.

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