Huge Squid spotted at an Oil Rig in the Gulf

This thing has got to be the weirdest looking Squid I have ever seen. Watching it float there I can't help but think in the next couple of seconds I would see some laser equipped sub come shooting onto the scene with Will Smith screaming somethin' about "Oh no you didn't just shoot that green sh!t at me!" Luckily this isn't the tentacled, mind controlling aliens from Independence Day. These things are Magnapinna, or "big fin" squid.

According to the article at National Geographic, there are only four known types of Magnapinna; pacifica, atlantica, talismani, and another unnamed species. They are all very similar, so it is impossible to distinguish which species this one is from the video. Spotted at the Shell Perdido rig in the Gulf of Mexico, it has been added to the list of deep water rigs which have either spotted exotic or new species, or are helping scientists examine and research the creatures that live at these depths. Since the oil companies already employ deep water ROVs, it seems a natural fit for some to partner with them for the sole purpose of utilizing their equipment or sharing camera time. The Serpent Project is just one group that utilizes this partnership.

It seems like a good idea to me since the oil companies have to spend the cash already, and if they're willing to share their equipment for research, why not?

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