Invasion of the nut snatchers!

Red SquirrelI'm not sure what happened between last year and this year, but all of a sudden we have a plethora of little yard rodents invading out trees and neighboring holes and hideouts. Maybe it's a as simple as Squirrels and Chipmunks tend to breed like Rabbits? I don't really know, but what I do know is we have 5 Red Squirrels in our back yard and somewhere between 3 and 4 Chipmunks living in a void underneath our slab 0' concrete we use for a front stoop.

It started a couple of months ago with 2 squirrels, then as the snow fell and the bits of pine cone stacked up underneath the pine tree, we noticed three of them. Three turned into four, and now just yesterday a fifth descended unto the scene. It's great for the kids, they love watching these crazy little fur-balls tear-arse around the yard squawking and carrying-on all day; just like they enjoyed watching Chippy run around the front yard gathering nuts in their cheeks (all of them are Chippy, kinda makes me think of them like the Borg).

We used to have a Black Squirrel roaming the trees in the back yard for a while too, but I haven't seen that one in years. The current nut hoarders are much sleeker and not at all ratty looking like the Black Squirrel was though – so maybe he kicked the bucket. These are pretty much all we get these days in the back since we fenced in our yard for our ill-fated experiment with a dog.

Before the dog, we used to get Turkeys and Deer. At one point I think we had 5 or 6 Turkeys and the most Deer I had scene was around 6 or 7 – but not no more…..

Which I guess if fine, because these little guys are making a mess of the backyard. I guess I should take a picture of it oo, because I have never seen anything like it.

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