Multi-touch display on the Silver Screen

I finally say the new Bond flick yesterday, Quantum of Solice, and it was an entertaining ride around the globe following Bond and (naturally) a couple of hotties as he saves the world. I would definitely say that you should go see it and enjoy it.

From a purely geeky standpoint, one of the highlights of the movie was the use of a huge multi-touch display, like Microsoft Surface within the Mi6 headquarters. the use of it was as far as I have seen, the first multi-touch display used in detail within a movie, and they did it very well. The action around the display fits well within how the devices work, both in the wild and in demo. It was very cool to see this in the movie, and I can only hope that it will help to stir more interest in this type of technology.

From what I have read though, the display was manufactured and is another instance of the Hollywood machine in action, and just another Green Screen illusion. Which is understandable, but also a little bit disappointing. The Bond movies have a habit of advancing technology that they have used within the movies, so it's possible that we will begin to see this technology become more accessible and available to the general public.

Obviously, if one really wanted to get anal about it, there are inherent problems with the usability of the layout as seen in the movie, but I'm not really going into that since it was…. a movie? Ever heard of suspension of disbelief? Well, I have and I have no inclination to pick a part something from a movie (well, at least with this movie). It was cool to see, the graphics and animations were well executed, interesting – and I'm glad to finally see this type of technology making its way into the movies. Especially since I am quite frankly tired of the psuedo 3D holograms that were in Iron Man, and the Minority Report. That technology does not exist, so it's hard to get excited about seeing yet another fantastical device with no real grounding in current technological realities.

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