The NRA goes too far, and looks to get shot down.

To quote Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence;

I don’t know what the NRA is smoking…

The NRA wishes to make it a law that employers must allow employees to come to work packin’ heat, and keep it locked in their car. Standing, yet again, behind the Constitution with clenched fists, the NRA seeks to make it a felony for any employer who doesn’t concede to this bill if it is passed into law.

Fortunately, it is receiving intense resistance from Florida lawmakers. This is ridiculous. How this makes anyone safer is beyond me. How this does anything but make it easier for criminals to get access to firearms is equally beyond me. Right now it’s looking the bill will not pass, and considering that one of every 49 people has a concealed weapons permit and an estimated six million own firearms, it’s pretty damned funny. This could turn into a major defeat for the NRA, right in their own backyard.

The 2nd amendment does not trump all other rights. The right to bear arms should not supersede the rights of individuals and companies on their own private property. If laws like this one are passed, it won’t be long until companies are forced to allow workers to carry their weapons to their cubes. That won’t solve anything. The only result of that would be to turn Dilbert into a bit of a morbid twist on life in cubeville. No thanks.

2 thoughts on “The NRA goes too far, and looks to get shot down.”

  1. Being one of those 49 people, I have to admit, this is a bit out there. I don’t see what that is going to do for me, except maybe have some over paranoid do-gooder seeing me hide my gun in my car. If I have to un-holster it to hide it to go to work, and then re-holster it for concealment at the end of the day, there is a lot of opportunity for people who have to much time on their hands, and too much fear of guns to call the cops. Or too much time for someone who is staking out people’s work places, to see if there is anyone removing a weapon to go to work, so that they know which cars to hit. I prefer to keep it on all the time, and concealed.

  2. The other big issue is violence at the work place. This gives folks more opportunity to take pot shots at their cube-mates since a weapon would be very accessible. Then there’s the issue of who is really going to check to see if I wanted to bring my weapon into work?

    It’s just all around a bad idea. I can see little to no good coming of this…

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