12 year old drummer – John Bonham reincarnated?

Tony Royster Jr. - amazing 12 year old drummerThis kid is absolutely insane! I have been going to concerts for almost 20 years now. I have seen probably in the area of 150 bands play live – at 75 or so concerts. And I have never, ever, in my 33 years seen or heard anything like this kid. EVER!

His name is Tony Royster Jr. Check him on Google videos.  This video is about 9 years old now, and the guy has his own site. He has photos, MP3’s for download and the usual stuff. Too bad his website is crap though, he would get more attention on the web if his website was better.

The talent this guy has is astounding. He is better than almost every drummer I have heard in a really long time. Most of the big name bands can’t hold a candle to this guy, even some of the big name idiots like Tommy Lee.

I might have considered buying the DVD it it was $40! Ouch! I wonder who the idiot who sold him on that price was? Why would I pay 2 times what I get a movie for? That’s easy. I wouldn’t. I’ll link to it anyway….

Amazing, keep rockin’ man!

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  1. Yeah, he sure is amazing. That was always my favorite part of the concerts I went to: the drum solo. I liked the guitars too, but the drummer always had the best gig. He plays all over hell and back, so maybe some day he will come close and I can check him out live. That would be way cool! 🙂

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