The Champs-Elysees grab bag

Floyd Landis in yellow with his team - PhonakThis years Tour de France has to be one of the most exciting races in many a year. It’s a big 21 stage grab bag! Who is going to win in yellow on the Champs-Elysees? Will it be Floyd Landis like so many would think? He captured the maillot jaune after stage 12, but he only managed an 8 second gap over Cyril Dessel – a French rider no less. I wonder if Team Phonak is up to the challenge and pressure of holding Floyd in yellow?

There are a lot of miles, and mountains, between here and Paris, so anything can happen.

With a vast amount of the favored power-houses out of the race for various reasons, everyone is looking at each – "You know what, I can win this race this year."  If you look at the standings, that’s exactly what you see. I still can’t bring myself to watch much of the footage, I just can’t sit down for 4 hours a day and watch it unfold. I find myself longing for the 1.5 hour daily coverage of ESPN back in the days of LeMond and Delgado.

With Team Discovery Channel out of the running, it’s up to Floyd to carry the American cross. More than that though, Floyd is an exceptional rider who deserves to win.

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