Zippo/Case swap meet

For anyone who likes to collect stuff, and is interested in Zippo lighter collecting, this is mecca. Every other year Zippo and Case collectors descend upon sleepy little Bradford PA and go nuts. I’m not kidding either, the swap meet is chock full of stuff that you have never seen before. Some of it really cool, some of it you just gotta shake your head and wonder… wtf? Next week is going to be a little loony around our little town, the hotels are all booked, the restaurants will be full and the ATMs will be emptied.

PennDot sucks

This may or may not be an accurate statement, but I fire for effect. A couple of months ago, just in time for summer to really kick in, PennDot starts up a "let’s completely destroy the freeway to fix it project" right in town. So the major thoroughfare into and out of town is down to 1 lane each direction, part of main street is closed, they have a couple other side streets all tore up, and it’s surprisingly difficult to get around town without hitting some goony flagger directing traffic for some reason. I live 5 miles from work, it’s not that hard.

This should prove to be an interesting topic of discussion all week as several hundred folks swarm into town and find the exit to Bradford proper closed on the freeway, and if they didn’t know that? They get to go an extra 5 miles or so out of town for their trouble. That is handy.

It still gonna be a kick in the pants, especially if you like looking at a bunch goof-balls wearing crazy hats.

See you at the Swap Meet.

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