Thank you to everyone for NOT getting me the Lego Mindstorms kit!

Lego MindstormsSo I know, you think I would be kidding about this, but alas – I am not. I’m dead serious!

The new Mindstorms NXT was officially announced recently, and it is amazing! And I want one! They won’t be available for a while yet; with a release date of sometime in August – this should prove to really cool!

Mindstorms NXT desktop LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT highlights include:

• All-new NXT intelligent brick
• 3 interactive servo motors feature inbuilt rotation sensors to align speed for precise control
• New ultrasonic sensor makes robots “see” by responding to movement
• New sound sensor enables robots to react to sound commands, including sound pattern and tone recognition
• Improved light sensor detects different colors and light intensity
• Improved touch sensor reacts to touch or release and allows robots to feel
• 519 hand-selected, stylized elements from the LEGO TECHNIC® building system ensure robot creations will be sturdy and durable while also looking authentic
• Opportunities for physical programming of robots and interaction with robots during programming
• 18 building challenges with clear, step-by-step instructions help acclimate users to the new system to create robots ranging from humanoids and machinery to animals and vehicles
• Digital wire interface allows for third-party developments
• Information, inspiration, news, community programs and more at

I got so excited, I even created a new wallpaper based on this model. Most of the bits in the wallpaper are mine, but I found a swankin image ("Magical" wallpaper actually) by mpan3 on Check it out.

I also added a few more wallpaper images that I have been a bit delinquent in putting out on the intarweb…

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  1. Good thing we didn’t get that then. These things are so cool! Maybe if you’re extra nice this year… 😉

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