Get a kick out of Koo?

Funny logo – interesting proposition. The only flaw I see with this is that Linux isn’t all that easy to use, and there isn’t a ton of software available for folks who might want to switch to Linux. I mean, come on – there is no way I could expect my Dad to go to a command line to install a new browser or a new version of his Tax software. Hell! I don’t really groove on it, but I like how lightweight Linux can be, and how safe it is from the absolutely lambasting that Windows gets by all of the actual and wanna-be hackers in the world.

Their version of Linux, Linspire isn’t free either. It’s only 50 or 60 bucks, and the UI is really quite nice looking too – but I can get any number of disks from Ubuntu for free – and install on a Mac as well as Windows based PC. If they were selling a laptop for $399 or $499, then we could talk – because I would really like an inexpensive laptop for surfin the web while I watch tv and the like – but I don’t need it, so it’s not like I’m gonna pay an arse load of cash for it.

The Machines, all desktops, start at $299 – which would be great for kid in High School, and top out at $499. It would be nice if you could customize them too though, 512mb of RAM isn’t all that much these days.

I’m glad they are launching this, especially since it uses AMD chips and I own stock in AMD!

Go Koobox! Go Koobox!

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