Spiderman on the brain

Spiderman 3 Loading Screen

Spiderman 3 is still just a bit more than 3 months away, and in true consumer-frenzy inducing fashion, Sony Pictures has completed a major upgrade to their website. If you haven’t been there as of late go – it’s super cool. It’s really a great site in fact, and it has large amounts of new information, downloads, videos, etc… for folks to check out.

Man. I still can’t wait for this movie to come out! Even if it came out this week I think I would go – Spiderman is the the man! And this movie does not look to disappoint. The site is naturally a pig – I’m on DSL here at the Family House, and it is sllooowwww. But that’s pretty standard, the target for this would have a fast clean connection – more like what I would be getting at home. The picture gallery has a ton of photos and there are some really cool shots, like Spiderman punching Sandman. Ow.

I watched this show on Atlantis tonight, well about 1/2 watched as I fell a sleep a couple of times. It was the season premiere of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel – and it was interesting – but, well you know how these things go….

It was worth watching, but kind of a let down in the end. That is a good show though, so I will probably keep watching it. It is on the same time as Heroes though, which bums me out – I really like that show.

I’ve been busy today, I posted on my other site too, so if you want the update….

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