Ahhhh…. computers…….

If I were inclined to such things, and physically able, I would be doing the happy dance right now as Jeremy and Amanda came out to Pitt today for a visit and brought a computer from work. It was really good to see friends after so many weeks of just being with Doctors, Nurses, and family – okay really just my wife. Now, I’m glad Litsa is here, since I couldn’t do this by  myself – but seeing just 3 people that I know since the surgery – I was ready fro some company. So thanks for coming out guys, it was very needed diversion and I feel much better after their visit.

Today was a good day.

I think I am going to get out of the room for a spell tomorrow. After we get to the lab in morning, I might just come back here for a quick bit, then head out and come back around lunch time.  I need some pencils, and will get some more sweats too – since I’m not supposed to wear jeans – and it’s way too cold for just shorts, I need more than the 2 pair of long pants I currently have on hand.

I’m very happy to have a good ‘puter in the room now too. So thanks IT dudes! I know I will start to feel better too if I can get into something that at least resembles an old routine. I spend so much time in front of the computer, I miss it – I get out of touch with everything and I feel a bit lost as far as news, the date, and all sorts of other stuff. I was hoping the disc drive would be a DVD drive, but I don’t think it is…. oh well. There are a couple of new movies out on DVD I want to get, and I seem to have a small amount of time right now – so it seemed a good solution. Oh well, maybe I will just get one of those portable DVD players too.

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