The Astronaut Farmer

Astronaut FarmerI ran across this trailer on Quicktime trailers today, and The Astronaut Farmer really looks like an excellent movie. Billy Bob Thorton plays a former Air Force pilot who had to leave NASA to tend to his family, and begins to build a rocket in his barn.

Naturally the Government gets wind of it and there-in lies the strife – and begins to illustrate what one of the primary things about our current system that is completely malfunctioning. I could see something like this happening with the folks who participated with the X-Challenge a while ago, I don’t think it did, but it is a good point of illustration. How in many instances it seems that the government doesn’t work for the people but against them.

Any way, the trailer was excellent, and the movie seems to be a winner, so I will be out to watch it at the end of February when it comes out. It will be a good story driven movie released among all of the action movies slated to be released this year – a nice change of pace.

Hopefully it comes our stink water little town, so many movies I would like to see don’t, that it wouldn’t surprise me.

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