So that’s what it would look like!

I’ve been reading a lot of science journals lately and some undergrads at MIT have been working on a security system based on an individuals DNA structure…. no. Not really. But I do watch Sci-Fi.

I turned on the TV to watch Eureka this evening and about half way through I was treated to this clip.

This is absolutely hilarious! I’m not sure how long it took him to come up with such an odd and obviously unnatural way of being sucked to the ground – but it really looks awesome.

The show is just about always goofy as all get-out, so this isn’t really a surprise. I think I watched a dozen times. Priceless.

As a side not: I know I didn’t use SWF Object to place my little Flash clip – but it wouldn’t work by pasting in the stinking WordPress Editor – so I took the easy route and used the Flash plug-in button….

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  1. Ya know, not only was it funny, but it looked a little painful too! Worthy of more than one viewing for sure! 🙂

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