Bradford’s 10 minute Typhoon

ARGs new - not so usable tankRight around 6pm this evening a swirling blast of Tornado like chaos descended upon Bradford and decimated what was left of quite a nice day. Not even 10 minutes before was it sunny and warm; in fact I almost left to go up to the State Park to shoot some more images today – that’s how nice it was. I am very glad I did not.

Most people’s yards are either littered with what used to be their trees, or completely clean. Our back yard look like the big pine tree just up and decided it needed 10% fewer branches and started chunkin’ them in tot grass. Some of them flew about 25 feet into the neighbor’s driveway. There were trees in the road, power lines down all over town, trees leaning on lines not yet fixed and just general chaos.

The tank from ARG is what really blew me away. This thing is massive. All steel, and it can’t be all that flimsy right? Nothing fell into the side of it. Hell, the crane is still standing right to the side. But its entire south/southeast side is caved in like it was made of tinfoil. We were really lucky, others not so.

The streets, even 2 hours later were just littered with debris. No real flooding, although had the massive amounts of rain continued it would have been really bad. Our ditch in front was almost overflowing due to the massive volume – and like I said, it really on lasted about 10 minutes. The Firemen will be working overtime tonight.

Crazy freakin’ weather.

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  1. I will admit that I was a little scared. The cat and I hung out under a door frame and watched the lightning.

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