Massive Star Wars Lego – bidding sits @ over 13k!

Massive Star Wars Rebel Attack CruiserSee. Now whodathunkit? This is amazing. If the fact that this Lego creation itself is a work of immense proportions. A Rebel Attack Cruiser from Episode III, over 8ft long and 150lbs. HUGE!!!! If that wasn’t enough to make your brain sizzle, the thing is on eBay right now and it’s currently bid up to $13,500.00!

It makes it a bit easier to swallow that all of the money goes to Habit for Humanity, but still! Hey, at least shipping is free. But sorry to you non-Americans out there, US shipping only.

This is Lego’s Shop at Home store on eBay, so if you are interested in Lego, as I am, check it out. I’m poking around in it right now, and see quite a few things I wouldn’t mind getting fro myself to play with. Nothing else as cool as this ship though, man I wish I had won the lottery last month!

It was built by Lego master Builder – Erik Varszegi. I found this interview with him about this model – the guy is a big brain to say the least. It’s really pretty cool, amazing, and tons of other adjectives I can spew forth over and over. I am in awe, and a puddle of drool. Here is another interview on another project, the Moon of Endor.

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